How to Make Ceramic Hearts: The Complete Guide

There’s something about ceramic hearts that makes people happy. Maybe it’s the way they look or feel in your hand, but whatever it is, people can’t seem to get enough of them. Making ceramic hearts is a fun and easy process that anyone can do. In this post, we’ll teach you how to make your own ceramic hearts.

What Are Ceramic Hearts?

Ceramic hearts are a type of clay sculpture that is made out of ceramic materials. They can be made in any size, shape, or color. Ceramics are a type of non-metallic material that is used in many different applications.

Ceramic hearts can be given as gifts for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, or just because. They can also be made into jewelry, such as necklaces or earrings. You can even make them into keychain ornaments.

If you want to learn how to make your own ceramic heart, read on for some tips.

How to Make Ceramic Hearts: Step-by-Step Guide


  • Clay
  • Oven
  • Paint
  • Glaze
  • Pencil

Step One: Begin by sketching out your design on paper. This doesn’t have to be perfect – just a general idea of the shape and size of the heart. Then use a pencil to transfer the design onto the clay.

Step Two: Next, it’s time to start shaping the clay into a heart. If you’re using a potter’s wheel, center the clay on the wheel and use your hands to shape it into a cone. Then use your thumbs to press down the center of the cone, creating an indentation. Use your fingers to smooth out the sides of the heart.

Step Three: Once you’re happy with the shape of the heart, use a knife or wire cutter to trim off any excess clay.

Step Four: Now it’s time to bake the clay in an oven at around 1000 degrees Fahrenheit for about an hour. This will harden the clay so that it’s ready for painting.

Step Five: Once the clay has cooled, you can start painting it with any design you like. You can use acrylic paint, ceramic paint, or even old house paint. Just make sure that the paint is oven-safe.

Step Six: Once you’re happy with the way the heart looks, it’s time to apply a clear glaze. This will help protect the paint and give the heart a shiny finish.

Step Seven: Finally, bake the glazed heart in the oven for one more hour at around 1500 degrees Fahrenheit. And that’s it. Your ceramic heart is now complete.

How Do You Make a Heart-Shaped Mug?

Image Credit: Wish

You’ll need a heart-shaped mold, white clay, a ceramic glaze, and a kiln. First, roll out the clay into a thin sheet. Then, a heart-shaped cookie cutter is used to cut out hearts from the clay sheet. Place the clay hearts onto the mold. Next, apply the glaze to the surface of the clay hearts. Finally, fire the clay hearts in a kiln to turn them into ceramic mugs.

How Do You Make a Heart-Shaped Ceramic Bowl?

Image Credit: Pottery Barn

There are many ways to make a heart-shaped ceramic bowl. One way is to use a mold. Another way is to hand-build the bowl using clay coils or slabs. And yet another way is to throw the bowl on a potter’s wheel and then alter its shape once it has been partially dried. All of these methods can produce beautiful results.

Using a Mold

  1. Start by rolling out a slab of about ΒΌ inch thick clay. Then, a template or cutter is used to cut out a heart shape from the clay slab.
  2. Next, drape the heart-shaped clay over a bowl-shaped mold. Use a wooden tool to smooth the edges and bottom of the heart.
  3. Then, let the piece dry until it is leather hard.
  4. Remove the heart from the mold and finish drying it before firing it in a kiln.

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Are Ceramic Hearts Reliable?

It is common to see ceramic hearts as gifts on Valentine’s Day. While the sentiment behind the gift is always appreciated, you may be wondering if ceramic hearts are a reliable long-term investment.

Ceramic hearts are generally considered to be a pretty low-maintenance item. They’ll usually stay in one piece for years to come if they’re not dropped or smashed.

The paint job is the main thing you need to watch out for with ceramic hearts. If the heart is painted with enamel paint, it will be more resistant to chipping and fading than if it was painted with acrylics. However, both types of paint can eventually flake off if they’re not properly cared for.

To keep your ceramic heart looking its best, wipe it down with a damp cloth now and then. If the paint starts to chip, you can touch it with a bit of paint from a craft store.


Ceramic hearts are a popular craft project that can be made in many different ways. Thank you for following along with this tutorial. I hope you have enjoyed it and will be inspired to make your own ceramic hearts. Happy crafting!

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